Wyrd [Weerd] Collective is a digital platform that aggregates and curates credible content in the areas of metaphysics, mysticism, and mystery for the purposes of education, transformation, self-work, and community.
Wyrd Collective seeks to disrupt the barriers that divide the seeker from the teacher.
Wyrd Collective is building a spiritual workforce in a time that desperately needs quality teachers, healers, guides, and gurus

Wyrd is an Old English word that dates back to 900 AD and ancestral to Modern English weird. The noun form means fate or personal destiny; the adjective form means supernatural, unearthly, or fantastic. Wyrd is also the namesake of Uror, one of the Norns, or three sisters of Fate in Norse mythology. However, the etymology of wyrd is more complex, with Old English and Norse roots.

At the Well of Wyrd, Fate is in the hands of people willing to change themselves, to seek knowledge, and apply wisdom.

Similar to karma, wyrd represents cause-and-effect as a universal law, but not as law uninfluenced by human action. You can shape your own wyrd, your family’s wyrd, and humanity’s wyrd. Wyrd refers to the interconnectedness of all beings and things, including past, present, and future.

What is Wyrd?

Wyrd Collective’s Values

Wyrd Collective values credibility, creativity, authenticity, goodness, fairness, love, compassion, openness, knowledge, wisdom, learning, and self-expression. Uniting lightworkers, Wyrd Collective supports all genders, races, identifies, and beings. While we know the lightwork may entail dabbling in darkness. Wyrd Collective does not tolerate bigotry, small-mindedness, trolling, disrespect, or hatred.