The goddess Sekhmet is my most fierce and illustrious teacher. When I need courage, it is her unwavering presence I invoke to carry me. In all matters of sincere spiritual pursuit, her blessing ensures the highest levels of pure divine intent. Without her as an ally, you may be distracted by the trappings of the modern world.

Yet, lovey, you do not have time for such dalliances. The world is evolving quickly and you will be asked to step up and share your radiant truth.

She is the lion-headed Egyptian goddess, an Ascended Master who teaches psychic perception and sexual experiences as tools of enlightenment. A champion of women, she is as kind as she is savage. Sekhmet is the ancient embodiment of today’s empowered women. Working with her, you can learn much about how to hold your feminine grace and absolute power.

Around 2011, she asked me to place images of her online. “Send me through the net,” she demanded. “I can keep an eye on things.” In the wake of the #MeToo fallout, our world is quaking. The women are speaking. The stories silenced and buried, beaten from us and flat out denied, can no longer be quelled. Thus, in the midst of great change, Sekhmet emerges en masse! Countless statues have of her been unearthed in Egypt. She is looking upon you and blessing this reclamation of women. She will bring swift justice and sweet compassion. And she will not be silenced.

Who Is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet?

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is a formidable force, the body of a woman and the head of a lion. Sekhmet is both a dark goddess and a benevolent mother, creator goddess, and defiant destroyer. She holds the paradox of life and can thus be a masterful guide to transformation.

Sekhmet is a powerful guardian of the feminine.

Containing the paradox of loving mother and the sexually voracious. Sekhmet embodies the idealized modern woman – spiritually awake, respected, and undenied.

Goddess of the Sun

In her dark goddess form, she is the Sun, the unfurled fury of fire. Her name meaning “The Powerful One” solidifies her revered position amongst the deities as mother and unrivaled protector.

She is firey and voracious in her role. She will deal justice and punish the offenders without remorse. Sekhmet has the power to erase her foes from all existence! Her fire is a purifier and without discrimination. Yet in the sun is also the grand polarity – it is life-giving, warm and full of mirth just as it is volatile and unrelenting.

The Sun illuminates all and blazes a path to a personal embodiment of the divine. Sekhmet holds the mysteries of the highest self-integrated into human form. She offers you an invitation to become your divine self in your present life. This is the goal of enlightenment after all… to become an awakened master in this 3d reality.

Goddess of War

The warrior expression of Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is of unique significance to the growing prominence of the feminine. Where women* were once relegated as weaker, or less capable, those illusions are being shattered.

Goddesses of war have long been a vision of lore, power, and glory. While mythology recognizes the potential for equal power amongst the sexes, modern society has been less embracing of this possibility. Take for example the brutal Vikings. Long imagined to be burly men of great build and might, it was discovered in 2017 that one of the most famed Viking remains was that of a woman warriorMy most favorite story of Sekhmet unbridled is the “myth of the destruction of mankind” as told by Robert Masters in his book The Goddess Sekhmet.

When humans tried to overthrow the gods, it was Sekhmet who stepped forward to assist. She, as “the force against which no other avails,” was sent to the earth to tame the rebellion. On a bloodthirsty rampage, she had her way with men and devoured the masses. She enraptured and could not be calmed. The gods, fearing for all of humankind, plotted a way to stop her. They set a trap to drug the goddess with herbs, ale, and blood. Feasting to her fill, “her heart was filled with joy” and she was tamed. Honored, satiated and adored, she was brought to peace.

Beyond a gory myth, the story illustrates a way to pacify the destructive nature of the feminine. The wild ways of women can be soothed with beauty, love, and ecstasy! Respect us, honor us and shower us with that which we desire. (…and that isn’t often candy and roses!)

Sekhmet may be perceived as destructive, but like all dark goddesses, it is her courage to destroy, her willingness to surrender completely, which allows new life to flourish.

Goddess of Awakening

The true gift of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is in her personification as the goddess of enlightenment.  Studying her mystery schools, you would know her as the Revealer. She shows you doorways to the otherworld and the illusions of this reality. The goddess is a master of cosmic transformation reminding you of the true divine light that you are.

Rose McGowan embodies this Sekhmet duality– a fierce avenger and a radiant protector– not only in sharing her own truth but in giving permission for others to do so as well.

In this new era of female empowerment, you will need new role models. We’re learning to stand in our feminist power. As Glenn Close commented, “You lose power if you get angry.”

Anger, division and rage is not the answer. It may be the first response, but it will only lead to more destruction.

In reclaiming the most illustrious ways of the feminine, it will be a collective awakening of the spirit and heart that will bring you into the next era.  A spiritual revolution is required. 

The Gift of Direct Perception

Women are natural channels of divine light, vessels of otherworldly powers. It is in the initiation of giving birth, that women accomplish god-like feats. These are the most obvious traits that differentiate us from men. In shamanic cultures, women and men practice radically different methods of delivering messages from spirit. Women have a direct experience- that is they can physically allow the mystical into their being. Men have no such superpower and must rely on their external senses.

Mystical experiences remind you the world is bigger than you may imagine. Women are more naturally built for these and yet have not been encouraged to pursue them. Our ability to embody god(dess) has been seen as a threat to those who wished to stay in power. Sehkmet existed before the patriarchy and will help usher in the times after.

The most powerful thing you can do is stand brilliantly in your power.

As your voice is returning, allow the fullness of your potential to find you. Your ability to feel truth, to know innate right from wrong and to lovingly guide your community to healing will be what makes the difference in the days ahead. 

Psychic Vision

The most precious gift of women is an innate sense of intuition. This sixth sense is often dismissed but, when ignited, acts as the most powerful catalyst of spiritual awakening.

Trust your inner knowing and actively cultivate it.

Psychic visions come in all forms from dreams to intuition to unexplained synchronicities. Pay attention to your inner voice and know it is the voice of your highest self. When you can hear your truth, you can more easily navigate in a world of illusions choosing only those options and paths of highest service to your soul.

Sexual Ecstasy

Sexual ecstasy is a direct experience of the enormity of spirit! When you experience true ecstatic bliss, you leave your body and feel the divine presence of the universe. During orgasms the body actually vibrates at a higher frequency, you have chills as your cells expand and bring more light into your being.

In its supreme form, sexual energy is life-giving energy; it lives within every being. It is a precise knowledge that when properly accessed can bring untold states of embodied bliss. Goddess Sekhmet was the master of life-giving energy in the Egyptian teachings. 

The sexual alchemies are the most illuminated path of enlightenment. The goal of sex isn’t pleasure but divine rapture – for the soul to leave the physical body through this act of ecstatic union. Like the hero’s journey, when the soul “leaves,” it returns supercharged by the cosmos, a living reminder that the world is larger than the senses alone.

Sexual power directed with a clear intent of awakening requires practice and discipline.

Work with Sekhmet to elevate your awareness and guide you in the ways of sex magick. The point of tantric sex isn’t to lose yourself in the emotion but “To realize oneself completely” (Masters).

The Great Purifier

As fire goddess, Sekhmet bestows the many gifts of the flame. She burns away impurities and sees through all illusions. As “She who casts no shadow,” Sekhmet is divine radiance embodied. She is the first of all the gods and goddesses and brings the most elevated spiritual awareness.

Call upon Sekhmet in your own cleansing rituals. During periods of great personal transformation and spiritual death, she is a potent ally. As a gifted guide of shadow work, Sekhmet is called upon to conquer the ego and its self-imposed limitations.

When working with sex magick and psychic visions, the ego can be a vicious detractor of true enlightenment. It is not about bliss for personal gain; it is for the unified peace and divine perception of all humankind.

To ensure you gain the highest vibrational and sincere spiritual lessons, work with Sekhmet to peer within at the demons who distract you from your truth. These “demons” are the little white lies, misinformed perceptions and judgments at work beneath the surface that keep you from your divine path. This investment in time will bless your path and practices ensuring the truest awakenings possible. 

How to Invoke the Goddess Sekhmet

An Altar

Placing these items on your altar as an offering to Sekhmet to will call in her favor and blessings:

  • Candles
  • Colors: red, orange, yellow, gold, black
  • Herbs
  • Vanilla or sandalwood for manifestations
  • Honeysuckle or rosemary for direct perception
  • A statue of Sekhmet

You may also chant her name or visualize her at your third eye to call upon her when needed.

Containing the Paradox

As a duality, Sekhmet teaches you to be equally skilled and aware on both sides of your nature. Be patient and determined, firm and yielding, brilliant and humble. She unites the Yin and Yang and teaches you how to embody both simultaneously.

It is the destiny of this planet to unify. No division exists. Rather, you are all part of the whole. The enlightened master of the future will hold the masculine and feminine in perfect harmony.

The most hidden of the mystery teachings actually reveal Sekhmet as a hermaphrodite. Mythologically this means that Sekhmet was fully male and female! 

In the shifting landscape of your modern world, it is not the rise of the women and the fall of the men that will serve the planet best. It is in the union – the recognition that all is one – that peace and progress will be achieved. An ecstatic union can indeed bring enlightenment to the planet.

With her prominent return, the goddess Sekhmet’s presence is rising. Her blessing is a startling omen for the times. Let us not be destroyers of the masculine but gentle and forgiving of the dark nature that resides within every being.

*A note on inclusion: Wyrd Collective values the gender equality nomenclature respectful of all beings. Cisgendered language is utilized for this topic. It is the expression of masculine qualities and feminine qualities that we each embody that peace within and without can be found.