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How to Use Your Intuition (And Why You Should)

You are intuitive, psychic even. Though the word “psychic” may have a complicated, if not tarnished, reputation, using your intuition is a gift available to all beings. When you listen to your intuition, you tap into an invisible field of universal knowledge. This innate flow of life has no ego or agenda. It is the stream of truth that carries and creates reality. Through meditation, you can find the quiet universal knowledge that carries you. Those who are “psychic” can hear, feel, see, or simply know things that aren’t overtly apparent. There was a time when all humans were connected to...

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Planning a Pretty Exciting Roadtrip

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  • Gut healing and your super psychic powers. Our beautiful Raven Rose shares tips and recipes for water kefir to heal your inners so your intuition can shine!
  • Learn more about the power of sekhmet for awakening the feminine divine! Link in profile. #sekhmet #magic #egyptiangoddess #awakening #femininerising #wyrd #wyrdcollective 
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  • “Spirit guides are emissaries of love from the realms of the spiritual planes to remind you of your true divine nature.” Check out the latest article by @rocknrollshaman “Regardless of your beliefs or personal creeds, these guides are available to you always. Their vow is to assist in bringing peace and sovereignty to the planet. That peace is most readily invoked in the heart of each human.” #spiritual #spiritguides #spiritguide #poweranimal #angels #ascendedmasters #divinelyguided #divinelyprotected #ancestors #ancestralguidance #callonyourspiritguides #callonyourspiritualteam #arcangels #divinefeminine #kuanyin #guanyin #hecate #odin #buddha #acsencion