Gut healing has been at the forefront of health and wellness research. Beyond its physical benefits, gut healing is also a major catalyst in how to develop your psychic powers.

What Is the Gut?

I’m sure you’ve heard people speaking on the topics of leaky gut and probiotics. That’s because the gut (or your intestinal tract) is the center of your digestion and is connected to all other systems in the body.

After you eat, the stomach breaks down food and the gut is where nutrients are absorbed. The small intestine is the main site of digestion and absorption of nutrients. A damaged gut lining can lead to inflammation in the gut and other parts of the body. Improper absorption of nutrients is also a result of a damaged gut.

Healthy gut bacteria help the body with digestion, immunity, and nutrient absorption. The colony of bacteria cells in the gut is also known as the microbiome. It plays a major role in your mental and emotional health.

The connection between the gut and the brain is known as the “gut-brain axis.” Gut bacteria can activate the central nervous system and neural pathways. This can affect your mood and may even present as anxiety and depression.

When gut health is negatively affected, beyond influencing your temperament, it also impacts how you perceive the world.

The conscious and subconscious mind are not separate. They impact and affect each other.

My experience with healing my gut has helped me to become more mentally balanced and clear-headed. This clarity has helped me to trust my gut feelings and understand my intuitions. 

How Gut Healing Helps You Develop Your Psychic Powers

Taking steps to heal the gut can help you to have a better connection with your body and mind. Much the same way you can receive “bad vibes” from people, places, things, or situations, your gut is providing you information as well. 

When the gut is affected, your ability to hear your own inner voice may be clouded or even blocked.

Your conscious mind is what helps you understand the symbols and messages that come from the subconscious. When it comes to how to develop your psychic powers, gut health and the conscious mind are intimately connected.

Why You Should Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Why would you want to develop your psychic abilities anyway? Humans are all born with a natural sensory system beyond the five basic senses. Tuning into and utilizing these extrasensory abilities can help you to better understand your world and the people you share it with!

Developing your psychic powers allows you to be more fully present and awake within the world.

When you can trust your internal guidance, you are more likely to feel fulfilled, peaceful and at one with the natural universe.

Steps to Improve Your Gut Health

Gut health can be negatively impacted by chlorine in water, antibiotics, hormonal birth control, inflammatory foods, caffeine stress, and extreme emotions like anger, grief, and sadness. Here are a few suggestions on how to develop your psychic powers by addressing your gut health.


Removing the causes of gut disharmony is the first step to gut healing. Some things that negatively impact your gut health are:


It’s found in drinking and bath/shower water. It is great for killing bacteria in the water. You’ll want to filter your water before absorbing it into your skin or drinking it in tap water, if possible. Chlorine, unfortunately, does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria. Try a water filter to remove chlorine and save your good gut bacteria from harm. 

Inflammatory Foods

The best way to know what foods negatively impact your gut health is to try an elimination diet. The major culprits are gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, and soy. Other common things like caffeine, drugs, and antibiotics also impact gut health. Speak with your physician or health professional before discontinuing any drugs or medications.


It’s impossible to completely remove stress. However, you can take steps to reduce your stress levels and responses. Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, holy basil, and eleuthero can help. They work by helping to buffer the body’s highs and lows in response to stress.

Meditative practices like yoga, qi gong, and daily meditation also reduce stress. These meditative practices also serve a dual purpose – they decrease stress and help to improve your psychic powers.

How to Restore Your Gut Health

Simple steps you can take to restore gut health are eating whole cooked foods, taking probiotics, and supplementing with herbs!

Why cooked foods? The tough fiber of raw foods can be hard on the gut. This is not to say that you should never eat raw foods. However, when focusing on gut healing think nourishing, warm, and soothing foods. Soups, stews, and steamed veggies can help support gut healing.

Be patient with yourself through the process. It can take months to restore the gut to proper health.

Probiotics also play a major role in restoring gut health. What exactly are they? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria and yeasts that have a positive impact on your health. Probiotics increase GABA which is a substance that promotes calmness in the brain. A healthy gut microbiome increases the brain’s receptiveness to GABA as well.

You can get probiotics into your diet with supplements or fermented foods and beverages. Try foods like naturally fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, and yogurt (watch out for the sugar content). They all contain living beneficial bacteria and predigested nutrients. My personal favorite way to get probiotics in my diet is with water kefir.

Water Kefir for Gut Healing

Water kefir is a naturally fermented beverage loaded with beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It’s also packed with vitamins, minerals, predigested nutrients, and enzymes. It’s easy to brew and it’s an affordable source of living probiotics. What I love about water kefir is that it’s a living probiotic that contributes to gut health. Water kefir cultures are an easy way to begin your path to gut healing. Add herbs to your brews to have the added benefit of predigested herbs.

Herbal Water Kefir Brews

Some of my favorite brews that aid gut health and psychic development are:

  • Holy basil, rose, chamomile, and pear

The chamomile helps to relax the mind and body. Holy basil is great for having clear dreams that are easy to remember.

  • Marshmallow root, mugwort, lavender, and blueberry

Marshmallow root is a wonderful gut soother that is best consumed as a cold infusion. (This just means you want to put the root in cool or room temperature liquid to get the gut soothing benefits.) Mugwort is a great herb for dreamwork while lavender soothes the nervous system.

  • Jasmine, rose petals, marigold, and grapes

Each of the herbs in this blend has been traditionally used to enhance psychic powers and aid in receiving prophetic dreams.

  • Lemon and thyme

Thyme is another herb that can help strengthen psychic powers.

  • Hibiscus, ginger, orange, damiana, and cinnamon

This combination doubles as a sensual love potion.

As with all magical brews, be sure to infuse your herbs with intention.

When adding herbs and fruit to your water kefir brews, you’ll want to do so in the second fermentation. For a brew that is lighter in flavor add 1-2 tablespoons of herbs (total) to your brew. For a more potent brew add 3-4 tablespoons of herbs per quart of kefir.

Be Mindful and Patient with Your Gut Healing

As you take steps to improve your gut health, keep a journal of the foods you eat. Pay attention to the reactions you have when you eat them and your mood after eating. It also helps to keep track of how shifts in your mood and reactivity to people, places, and situations.

As your gut health improves over time, you may notice that you become more in tune with your body consciously and subconsciously. If you are someone who experiences anxiety, gut healing can help to relieve anxiety! Feeling more even-keeled helps you to recognize what is yours versus what you are picking up on externally. This is an essential component for honing your psychic abilities.