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Alignment means you are on path with your soul’s purpose. When you are in alignment, it feels effortless and affirming. It is your goal to reside at this frequency, but it is more often that you are out of alignment and may desire a reminder to get back on track.

Ancestors are your loved ones who have passed. You need not have known these individuals to call upon them spiritually. They are an order of loving reinforcement committed personally to your well being. As it is their blood (literal DNA) that flows through your veins, they are the first guardians to call upon when you need direction, support or assistance.

Angels are an order of guardians beyond this physical plane. As ambassadors of the divine, they are in place to protect humanity. There are sundry legions of helpers from archangels to guardian angels.

“C” – Glossary Terms

Cellular, as in Cellular memories or cellular imprint, refers to those energies carried deep within the cells. These imprints exist beyond the physical, beyond and before our direct experiences. Cellular memories are often cultural and hereditary. They travel through the epigenetics to affect many generations. They are the building blocks of our issues and karma. cellular memory through lineage and soul history. Spiritual, shamanic, energetic and vibrational healing are most effective for lasting change.

“I” – Glossary Terms

Intention aligns us with our hears desire. It is what we want when we step into the spiritual, ancestral realms. To not have an intention, you open the door for disruptive spirits with their own agenda. You should set clear intentions and be in alignment before any ritual, healing, or metaphysical endeavor. This moment of pure focus is a sign of mastery and will grant greater power and sincerity to your practice.

Intuition is the voice of the god within. It is not loud and booming, but instead quiet and persistent. Intuition is your internal knowing, spontaneous and unforced that supports you in staying on the course of your life path.

“M” – Glossary Terms

Metaphysical encompasses all beyond this 3rd dimensional reality.

“S” – Glossary Terms

Shaman is one who sees and recognizes more than just the physical world. Their job is to walk in the invisible spaces to bring peace and healing to their community.

Spirit Guides are a protection energy woven into the web of existence. From Power Animals to Plant Spirits and Ancestors, they are a myriad of helpers to humanity available to assist you. Getting to know your Guides is the first step in trust and feeling safe in the metaphysical realms. It is these benevolent helpers who can guide, assist and support you in times of duress.

“P” – Glossary Terms

Psychic gifts are those outside of the accepted faculties of human perception. Everyone is psychic though science has not yet acknowledged its veracity, so it remains a fringe mystery. By developing your psychic capabilities, you will feel more in touch with the universe and may feel, perceive, and experience phenomena that is unexplainable by the logical mind.