I’m a proud devotee of Nephthys. A lesser-known Egyptian goddess, she is the twin sister of Isis. Isis rules the known worlds, the manifested reality. It is she who is celebrated and known since time immemorial. But behind every force of light, there is the opposite. Nephthys, unseen yet equally vibrant to Isis, holds a greater magick and power. It is Nephthys you can turn to navigate times of chaos and harness your ability to effect great change. As the fabric of reality begins to unravel, it is the fate of this goddess to be a harbinger of a new way of being.

Who is Nephthys?

Though her legacy may be forgotten in modern times, she is a formidable presence. Nephthys is one of the five original gods of Egypt. She is a keeper of potent magic, a navigator through chaos and a way-shower of the age of Aquarius. Shadow Work is the realm of Nephthys and she is the supreme ally when engaging in this space of spiritual evolution. 

Shadow Work is the realm of Nephthys and she is the supreme ally when engaging in this space of spiritual evolution. 

Among the most famed Egyptian legends is the resurrection of the god Osiris. Buried in this deity drama is the essential role of Nephthys.

When the god Osiris was killed by his brother Set, it was Nephthys who suggested resurrection. Isis ruled with grace, beauty, and good favor, but it was the magic of the underworld that would bring the dead back to life. Knowledge of the unseen realms was the terrain of Isis’ twin sister Nephthys.

The dismembered limbs of Osiris were gathered from across the lands and his body was re-membered. Isis and Nephthys performed incantations and powerful magic to bring Osiris from the land of the dead. The whole Egyptian mythology and legacy of Osiris rebirth is due to the supreme power of this little-known goddess.

Acclaim of Nephthys

I am often dismayed that Nephthys is relegated a “dark” goddess and often disregarded. But, because of her lost legacy, her potency is undiluted. Isis, on the other hand, is celebrated by the masses, appearing in pop culture, in art and is even associated with a violent faction of terrorists. The very fact that Nephthys is lesser known means her potency is purer and stronger. When you call upon Nephthys you can be certain a more palpable energy will answer your call.


According to famed occultist and author, Murry Hope, Nephthys is the keeper of Mysticism and Peace. She walks unseen and tranquil, not requiring of attention or accolades. Her power is resolute and needs not be flaunted.

Her “dark goddess” moniker is gained both due to her association with the Egyptian God Set (the “villain” of the Osiris myth) and with her being the queen of the underworlds. If Isis presides over the light, Nephthys must guard its polarity, the dark. Residing in the shadows, she is the goddess of the hidden spaces and it is here that her presence is most precious.

Nephthys herself is a talisman of protection. She is a protector of souls, guardian of the dead and fearlessly presides the realms unseen. An important funerary goddess, she guards the in-between spaces– light and dark, death and re-birth, dusk and dawn. This role makes Nephthys an important ally for shamans who spend much of their sacred time in these nebulous realms.

The Unmanifest

The Mystery School teachings sometimes refer to Nephthys as Goddess of the Unmanifest.  The Unmanifest may be best understood as the void. 

For some, the void is a place of great nothingness, a never-ending echo of emptiness. In this context, the void is a place to be feared. It is incarnate death and is the place of ceasing to exist at all. To a materially inclined culture, this is a bleak and daunting realm.

To the devotees of Nephthys, however, the Unmanifest holds untold bounty. Rather than vapid eternity, the void is the fertile primordial realm of all possibility. The Unmanifest is that which has not yet been created. This abyss of creation holds all potential, everything waiting to be dreamed into being.

The Underworld is a place of such enormous power it must be guarded by a being intensely fierce. Despite her illustrious attributes, Nephthys is oft regarded as a formidable goddess indeed.


Chaos on a personal level often looks like fear, depression or hopelessness. Anxiety is the result as you attempt to gain some level of control. To those unfamiliar with the more generous aspects of Nephthys, she would be the last goddess to invoke in times of uncertainty. In fact, Nephthys is precisely the deity to call upon for she is supremely gifted in knowing how to navigate the chaos and guide you back to the light.

Nephthys shows us how to navigate through the chaos. She is the Goddess of the light within the dark. She is an indomitable ally of women and can grant courage to even the most timid of hearts.

Nephthys Goddess of the Underworld

In one of my early encounters with Nephthys, she brought me to the Underworld. Ruled by goddesses of many cultures –Persephone, Hel, and Hecate among others– I was frightened. This is the hell dimension and few leave unscathed.  I recognize the underworld is also the lower dimensions of our reality. The underworld contains all that we would rather not admit… those grim atrocities and pains we would rather ignore. Shame, guilt, hatred, torture, and punishment of all manner reside in the Underworld. Populated with foul beings of the lowest vibrations, the underworld carries the true elements of nightmares.

The Great Illuminator

I was a neophyte and trembled at the horrors I encountered. I did not want to be here nor did I know how to make my way through it.

Nephthys appeared beside me and began to show me the places of light within the dark. She showed me the ways others had become too frightened and fled, leaving their gifts unclaimed. With her tutelage, I was emboldened. Free as a fairy, I danced through the shadows retrieving the discarded powers left behind by others not as well companioned on their journey.

When to Invoke Nephthys

As she is one of the more elusive goddesses, her pathways of worship are not well known. In her quiet power there lies great strength. You should call upon Nephthys when:

  • Embarking on shadow work
  • Working in the death realms
  • You are scared
  • You need courage
  • You are evolving
  • You are uncertain
  • You need to see the truth of a situation

How to Invoke Nephthys

Make no mistake, Nephthys is a goddess of chaos. In the process of revelation, she will stir some shit up! She cannot be gently reeled in, so some awareness and caution should be exerted when you summon her.

To incur her good favor, place one or more of the items below on your altar:

  • Blue or black flowers
  • Image of Nephthys
  • Dark liquor
  • Tobacco

An Ally of Shadow Work

Shadow work is a profound tool of your self-healing. To honestly assess and heal the demons within requires courage. Nephthys is an excellent guardian when you enter this phase of your personal growth.

Shadow work put simply is acknowledging those aspects and traits in yourself you would rather avoid. You separate (or divide) yourself out of fear, shame, guilt or outright denial and create a “shadow.” In shamanism, this might be known as a soul fragment.

Experience the Void

You are offered an invitation to explore the quiet spaces within. Rather than a complex meditation, simply allow yourself some moments of deep peace.

  • Center yourself within your heart and let your day fade away.
  • Imagine yourself floating in the cosmos, gently cradled in a blanket of stars. You are held and supported by the fabric of all that is.
  • The stars vanish and you are alone in the void.
  • Notice what you feel. Can you sense anything or anyone around you?

This is the space where all can be created. The Void holds great vastness and can help you anchor within yourself when you feel overwhelmed.  It is a space outside of material reality. When you can access the void, you will also be better prepared to face the void within you. Retreat here when the world feels too shaky. When you call in Nephthys from the void, she holds the antidote to fear, confusion, and powerlessness.

Nephthys Goddess of End Times

Working with Nephthys is one of the most sacred and powerful tools you can use to deepen your spiritual path. When honest self-assessment, making massive life changes or embarking on new dimensions of being, it is Nephthys who will assist you best. Not to be taken lightly, honor her efforts in the form of ceremony and gifts and you will be amply blessed with her partnership. She bestows the blessings of the void and can help all manifestations come to fruition.

Nephthys, Goddess of Illumination, may be exactly what a world in transition requires. During times of upheaval and uncertainty, it is her fierce presence that is most serving of humanity now. She will light a path forward, guiding you through the unseen and hard to navigate places. She cannot be stopped and it is her destiny to assist in the shifting of consciousness.