I was in a dark night of the soul, struggling with many changes and uncertain of my next steps when I first truly considered the help of spirit guides. This time presented challenges requiring faith beyond measure. When my normal arsenal of healing and self-care wasn’t working, I began to panic. Just trust and surrender was the message that echoed back to me. But whom or what was I trusting in?

I am devoted to my path, doing my work, stepping up to every crazy request Spirit makes of me. Yet, when I feel tiny and uncertain, I knew not who was holding me. I was frustrated and tired! I went to bed that night calling in my angels, guides, ancestors and all benevolent forces to bring me to a place of calm.

It was the beneficent Kuan Yin (AKA Kwan Yin or Guan Yin) who answered, cradling me in her hands and soothing my weary soul. This encounter would significantly alter the way I understood the meaning of a spirit guide. It catapulted me to the query: When you surrender, to whom are you surrendering? What is a spirit guide?

What Are Spirit Guides?

In the most simple definition, a spirit guide is a devoted helper that assists you in the human experience. Spirit guides come in many forms, from angels and animals to deities and passed loved ones. They live outside of this time and space to remind us of a version of a reality bigger than that which we can see and touch.

Spirit guides are emissaries of love from the realms of the spiritual planes to remind you of your true divine nature.

Spirit Guides Lead You to Truth

It only takes a difficult day on the job, a fight with a loved one, or a bill that cannot be paid to highlight very present aggravations of being human. The human experience requires all your physical energy and your spirit is often ignored or neglected.

“You are a spiritual being having a human experience” -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You’ve incarnated in a world that has many challenges, lessons, and suffering. Despite gratitude journals and blessings, it is not always easy to stay carried by faith in an uncertain world.

Truth is elusive, uncomfortable, and often denied. When you don’t feel in alignment with the quiet, soft soul within, your spirit guides are on hand to gently guide you back. Your spirit guides’ only function is to remind you that love is all. The illusions of this reality are a belief that you are separate from God. My darlin’, you have never been anything but divine incarnate.

Call Upon Your Team of Beloveds

To feel comfort and peace with this world, it may help to understand what the role of a spirit guide. My favorite shamanic teacher referred to spirit guides as her “beloveds.” This affectionate moniker captures the relationship between humans and guides.

Most people will have several Spirit Guides at any given moment. These spirit guides are working in quiet allegiance to bring you into alignment with your destiny.

They also ensure that your spirits are high by bringing in blessings and simple delights. That your vibration remains high so your soul stays anchored and present in your physical body.

You know that perfect parking spot on a rainy day or a song that comes on at exactly the right time? These are the little insertions in a mundane world that you are being supported. Robert Moss’s book Sidewalk Oracles captures many of these seemingly synchronistic messages that reinforce the belief that we are infinitely loved and buoyed.

Spirit Guides Help You Fulfill Your Life’s Mission

At their highest expression, spirit guides work behind the scenes to ensure you fulfill your life mission. You and your unique destiny are part of an intricate web of events. You have committed to do your part and they are endlessly devoted to your success.

The universe always conspires to help you. And Spirit Guides are the messengers acting on behalf of the Universe. It is their purpose to give you faith.

The guides are here to organize events, opportunities, and situations to keep you aligned with your path. When you follow your life’s purpose, the whole world celebrates. Guides remind you that the planet needs you and you are so very cherished!

Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides come in many forms and can affect you in many ways. Spirit Guides provide first-hand encounters, and inspiration with synchronicities, all of which you can feel and celebrate. If you cannot feel their presence, ask for them to speak to you in a language that you trust. Physical messages like seeing feathers, a specific animal, or random number, might appear.

Like specialists, specific spirit guides are perfectly suited for some jobs and less so for others. Get to know your spirit team: it will undoubtedly be the most uplifting and expansive step of your spiritual mastery!

Power Animals

Power animals are of the Earth plane. They share in resources and space with humans. Spirit animals can easily interact with you in this world in the most present of ways. Taking a walk through the woods, for instance, you may encounter a dragonfly or a rabbit. Each will carry its own “medicine” or precise message.

You will have a primary power animal (he or she who protects you in all matters) as well as specialists you can call in for an exact purpose.  Each will be a unique expression of the divine energies they carry. I am most in awe of the response of power animals. Often when seeking guidance, as many as four or five animals will offer to assist. It is this humble request when answered so resoundingly that can be the most reassuring reminder of God.

When you desire some aid of the material world, power animals are the best suited. Overcoming fears, giving you hope, and navigating this tricky reality are the best tasks for power Animals.

They are the most present and prolific, so pay attention to the many ways they are giving you messages.


The angelic realm vibrates just a degree higher than the Earth plane. Angels fly above us. They are of a different dimension, lighter than the Earth.

It is the sweetest role of the angels to be in service to humanity. People believe them to be benevolent, gentle, compassionate, and forgiving. Angels who work alongside the divine (whether you call it God/Goddess/Source/Universe) strive to ensure that humanity stays in balance and radiant. 

Call upon angels when you need help in your big leaps of faith. When you are in need of the direct ear of divine wisdom, you may call God through them.

Angels’ primary role is to free us from the karmic density of earthly ways. They are the emissaries of God and remind you that you are the same vibration. Sin literally translates as without God or separate from God. Suffering occurs when humans forget they are of GodAngels can easily bring us back to a gentler vibration where love is the only truth.


You may not consider your past loved ones as guides, yet they should be called first to assist you. Since they share your genetics, they are deeply committed to your well being. When they help you, they are helping all members of your family (alive and passed) who may have shared pain.

Ancestors guide in regards to emotional matters, family traumas, and issues of loving relationships. They are skilled at helping you break patterns and addictions.

Ancestors live neither above nor below you, but rather in a parallel dimension, living, and celebrating alongside you. They can easily influence on your behalf and offer assistance. Learn how to call upon your ancestors and create an ancestor altar

Ascended Masters

Most evolved of the Guides are the Ascended Masters. They are deities, gods, goddesses, and higher consciousness forces who oversee the ascension of humanity.

Some have physically walked foot on this plane, while others reside in far-off realms – all to grant you the serenity of perspective. These are higher frequency teachers whose wisdom makes them illuminated beings. They see beyond this time and space and have graduated from the human cycles of suffering.

Ascended Masters are ideal for matters of spiritual development, love, esoteric matters, and making peace with the baser aspects of humanity.

Jesus and Buddha are elevated masters of forgiveness and compassion. Guan Yin and Ix Chel are examples of the feminine divine who teach the ways of harmony, unity, and love. There are teachers of the shadows as well, Hecate and Odin among them, who can help you address the more slippery aspects of being incarnate.

Regardless of your beliefs or personal creeds, these guides are available to you always. Their vow is to assist in bringing peace and sovereignty to the planet. That peace is most readily invoked in the heart of each human.

You Are Not Alone

The illumination of consciousness is serious business and legions of loving beings are committed to assisting those who heed this call. Whenever you ask, you will be greeted in the ethers by a force who wishes to clear your path and ease your suffering. Your spirit guides are the consorts of the invisible realms. They remind you of a true nature more expansive and loving than your limited perception of reality.

The messages of your spirit guides, carried to you through the realms and dimensions, are founded in sincere devotion. Their most sincere job is to give you hope, keep you connected to spirit, and on track for your soul’s mission. To interact with spirit guides, you must venture to their terrain. It is through mystical experiences that you still have access to the loving guidance they share. Call upon them with an open heart and you will never feel alone.