Chaos while Transitioning from 20’s (or 60’s!) into a new you: Deep breath, it’s just your First and Second Saturn Return.

Everyone is so focused on surviving Saturn Return, many guides neglect to share that thriving is completely attainable, even in this tumultuous time of change. There are steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of this significant astrological event impacting your life.  

If you’re finding the Wyrd Saturn Return Thrive Guide, chances are you’re approaching –  or are in the throes – of what feels like an existential crisis. For the first time Saturn Returners, you’ve spent the last decade of your 20s figuring out who you want to be in the world, only to show up to the adulting party with an uneasy feeling and more questions than answers. Even if you have checked some impressive boxes on your list of life goals, the chaos and uncertainty of how you feel can overwhelm and cloud out any relief, let alone, a celebration.

What Is Saturn Return?  

Every 29 (or so) years, the enormous Saturn orbits our Sun. So, it would make astrological sense that around 27-30, again at 57-60, and again 87-90, this influential planet tugs on you the same way it did in your earliest days of incarnation. This roughly aligns with key stages of the Triple Goddess, as observed by many mystics and Wiccan:

1st Saturn Return – Around 30-years of age – Maiden to Mothering/Warrior to Fathering
2nd Saturn Return – Around 60-years of age – Mothering to Queen & Crone/Fathering & King to Elder
3rd Saturn Return – Around 90-years of age – Crone or Elder to Creator

These stages and their transformations may be further broken down as archetypes:

Maiden to Mothering/Warrior to Fathering
Mothering to Crone/Fathering to Elder
Crone or Elder to Creator

Why does Saturn have such a potent impact on Earth? Here are a few characteristics of  Saturn that may account for its influence on Earth:

  • Saturn has a violent ‘eye-shaped’ storm at one pole, marked by an ultraviolet aurora
  • The other pole has a baffling hexagonal geometric shape that appears to be fixed while Saturn spins faster than any other planet in our solar system
  • It’s believed by some mystics that Saturn is a vortex or portal that serves as an entry point for souls to enter this solar system
  • Every 29 years, it returns to its the exact alignment it was on the event of your birth.

If the sentiments below resonate with you, you’ve likely experienced a Saturn Return (if not, get ready):

“It’s like a snow globe being shaken up really quickly with you stuck inside. All you can do is wait until the snow settles to find out where you really landed, who is left around you, and how much damage needs repaired.”

“It’s a launching pad to the next 30 years of your life. Your chance to integrate the things you loved about the last several decades and step bravely into the unknown… that actually feels really familiar on the other side!”

“Your first Saturn Return can feel awful. Like the most awkward days at high school, only now you have to contend with bank accounts, rent, and bosses.”

“Have you ever seen the movie the Labyrinth? It’s like the scene where the stairs keep moving around in wonky patterns. Totally disorienting.”

How do you know you’re in the heart of Saturn Return?


You are struggling to find real meaning in the job or career you’ve actively worked to achieve. Oftentimes individuals describe feeling disappointed with how ‘far’ they’ve come or disillusioned with the rewards found at the end of the road. In a seminar at the Multiversity 1440, writer and spiritual teacher Rob Bell explained the frustration we feel after climbing to the top of a ladder, only to find it was leaning against the wrong building. The most frustrating part about Saturn Return is that even if you’re in the wrong building, the cloudy surroundings do not provide a clear view of where to head next.


Romantic relationships can seem nearly impossible to find, foster, maintain. At best, they can feel unstable. Often Saturn Returners share stories about highly charged arguments about values and expectations, or even volatile and risky behavior in seeking out a human connection. Sometimes we just want something stable to hold onto. It won’t be found on the other end of a casual fling, or even in a partner also going through Saturn Return.


The tribe you started to forge in your early 20’s or the community you built in your 50’s might start to feel a little ‘off.’ They may feel uninteresting or even toxic. Think about the bar or venue you always frequent, catching up on all the drama of who knows who, and even stirring the pot a bit with gossip you heard.  In 2nd Saturn Return, many describe a mid-life crisis, where friends, formative relationships, and social customs are rejected in favor of feeling radical and rebellious.

So what the hell is a person to do? You can’t duck under a desk and wait for some authority to give you the green light to return to class. You have to participate in the transition of your life.

Everyone is so focused on surviving Saturn Return, many guides neglect to share that thriving is completely attainable, even in this tumultuous time of change. You’re being given a chance to rewrite the direction your story is headed in this incarnation, and with it, your ultimate soul’s destiny. What a marvelous opportunity!   

How do you thrive through Saturn Return in your late 20’s, late 50’s or late 80’s?

Identify Your Guides

Throughout Wyrd, we stress the importance of understanding your soul tribe on the astral plane. Your guides are the spirits that always have your back and can intervene on your behalf – but only if you ask them to! Who are they? What traditions or lifetimes do they hail from? What purpose have you contracted with them for? We suggest finding a qualified Shaman [See: How to find your first teacher]. Guides are contracted with you to help with your greatest learning and growth. During Saturn Return they will present messages to you that can feel like Déjà vu – a sign you’re on the right course.

Embrace Solitude  

I know it can feel impossible to turn down invitations to all the exciting things going on in this world. Particularly for your first Saturn Return, an intense FOMO occurs if you even think about declining the latest party invite. What if you miss out on the big story of the weekend? If you’re not a particularly social person, to begin with, I’m sure you’re finding other ways to avoid time in your thoughts alone (ie. Taking on extra work projects, care-taking excessively, etc.).

If sitting cross-legged alone in the woods doesn’t sound appealing, a lovely balance can come from signing up for a small yoga retreat, training for a marathon with a friend, or just taking up some other hobby.

Why is it so important to embrace solitude? During Saturn Return it’s common to find the cacophony of noise from all the friendly ‘advice givers’ overwhelming. Oftentimes the voices are so loud, and usually, they want you to choose their cause to sign up for. Your potential energy is a supernova, of course, they want you. Time alone allows you to get (re)familiar with who you are, what you value, and what matters most from this life.  

Stay Clear-Minded

Think about how hard it is to drive a car in a snowstorm when the window is also foggy. It’s dangerous and downright impossible. In times of uncertainty, our little creature bodies gravitate towards mind-numbing substances.

We’re not talking about the occasional night in, or excessive celebrations on the town from time-to-time. We’re talking about binge watching TV for days, consuming copious amounts of sugar, or drinking or smoking marijuana in excess.

Generally, we promote addressing any substance abuse head-on with help. More specifically to your spiritual practice, we encourage you to become aware of all the ways you check out from being in harmony with creation. How can you heed the messages from the other side, if you’re on your 5th happy hour, downing chocolate cake, gossiping about meaningless drama? Look alive, and the universe will want to conspire with you towards the next stage in your soul’s evolution.  

Repair on Your Own Terms

During Saturn Return, the scars left from abuse, betrayal, heartache, and loss can etch deeply into our souls. We reject the notion that you’re supposed to be totally resilient and repair quickly.

Sometimes, it’s ok to ride the spiral of pain deep down to its origins, and weep for all the years you didn’t weep.

You’re incredibly tender at this point in your existence, so be tender without explanations, justifications, or expectations. We suggest giving the pain a creative outlet, so you do not store it, or even sharing your experience with other so they might heal through you.

Your Saturn Return Guides

Here are a few renowned deities to inspire, guide, and comfort you during your journey through Saturn Return. Ask for safe passage. Don’t lose the understanding that you are the experiencing entity of creator. Of course, you are welcome to journey to find your own guides.   

  1. The Indian Goddess Kali is often feared for her swift and certain power to destroy with swift blows. We suggest getting familiar with her, and calling upon Kali during the harshest waves of Saturn Return, surrendering to her and letting her remove parts of your life that need to move on. When we are familiar with the power of destruction and respect it’s beauty, we distance ourselves from the debilitating emotions that arise when we’re shocked and unable to let go.
  2. Mother Mary is helpful throughout our lives but typically manifests extra gentle for those in a state of transition. Call upon her at night to help you get much-needed rest, a prime time to for perplexing decisions to impede on sleep.   
  3. Visualize The Phoenix whenever things seem to be in shambles. There will always be a day you’ll rise again, and you’ll emerge bigger and brighter than you could have ever imagined.
  4. If you favor a little more forceful friend, Lugh is great to call upon during Saturn return. This Irish warrior king is often depicted with his unstoppable spear and self-sailing ship – handy when you need to swiftly move through choppy waters.

You’re Not Alone

Sweet Saturn Returner, life is like a choose your own adventure novel. There are many choices available to you, and all lead down a path of spiritual growth. In effect, there aren’t any mistakes. We’re here to help you transition to your next earthly stage so that you arrive thriving. Embrace your Wyrd and wonders will unfold.

Pssst…  not going through Saturn Return or Second Saturn Return? Many of those around you might be right in the thick of it. If you notice erratic behavior or self-sabotaging decisions, be patient and understand your friend is treading water.  As a light-worker, it’s your job to provide a focal point, and assuring words that the shore is not far away.